Welcome to the VIP Program

Welcome Video

(Vision. Inspiration. Persistence)! This program is designed to teach you English speaking as well as leadership and powerful communication skills.

Watch the welcome video on this page. Then download and read the Welcome Guide.

Next, download the Current Lesson. If there is a Bonus Lesson available, you can download that too.


Every month you will receive a new lesson set (during the first week of the month). Each month you will also receive a bonus lesson set (during the middle of the month). In addition, we usually do a live Tele-Seminar each month. You will receive an email when a new lesson is available.


As a VIP member it is very important that you learn every lesson deeply. Listen to each audio every day for at least 14 days (more is better).


Every day, read the Text for the lessons (if needed). Listen to each audio in the set daily. Listen to the Main lesson (video or audio), listen to the Mini-Story, listen to the Point of View lesson and listen to the Commentary.


When you listen to the Mini-Stories, be sure to answer the questions. Try to answer very quickly, with just a few words.


You should also spend an extra 15 minutes a day copying my pronunciation. Play any of the audios, pause after each sentence, and try to speak exactly as I do.


Finally, as a VIP member you are also learning more than just English. You are also learning important communication and leadership skills. You must practice these. Be sure to do the “homework”, which is usually given in the Commentary

Welcome Guide

To download videos and files to your computer, on Windows right-click on the download link and select save. On Mac control + click on download link and select save. If having trouble accessing a download link or it takes you to an xml page when you click on it refresh the page and try again.